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Curso Inglés B2 (1ª Parte)

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  • Aprender vocabulario sobre los estereotipos.
  • Conocer cuando se utiliza ING o Infinitivo.
  • Saber identificar las oraciones condicionales y su tipo.


UD1. Never judge a book by its cover.

1.1. Grammar reference: Word formation.
1.2. Grammar reference: More about adjectives.
1.3. Grammar reference: Relative clauses.
1.4. Grammar reference. Deduction: present and past.
1.5. Writing tips. How to write an informal email.

UD2. Down-to-earth.

2.1. Grammar Reference. What’s in a noun?.
2.2. Grammar reference: Modals and expressions of probability.
2.3. Grammar reference: Conditionals. Alternatives to if.
2.4. Grammar reference: Punctuation marks.
2.5. Pronunciation Reference. Contractions/Linking.

UD3. Home sweet home.

3.1. Grammar reference: Verbs in a state!.
3.2. Grammar reference: Modals of obligation/absence of obliga¬tion/prohibition/advice.
3.3. Grammar reference: The imperative.
3.4. Grammar reference: Have/Get something done.
3.5. Writing tips. Follow this pattern.

UD4. A penny for your thoughts.

4.1. Grammar Reference. Infinitive and -ing.
4.2. Vocabulari. Let’s Count.
4.3. Reading. A rich man.
4.4. Grammar Reference. Infinitive versus -ing.
4.5. Grammar Reference. Saxon Genitive and Double Genitive.
4.6. Vocabulary. Expressions.
4.7. Grammar Reference. Participle clauses.

UD5. Caught red-handed.

5.1. Grammar reference: Order! Order.
5.2. Grammar reference: Emphasis.
5.3. Grammar reference: Inversions.
5.4. Grammar reference: Tag questions.
5.5. Grammar reference: Cleft sentences.
5.6. Writing tips. Write a review.

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